About me

Alex. K is the pseudonym of Ukrainian artist Alexandra Khorolska, currently residing in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Alexandra has been drawing since childhood and graduated from an art school. However, when faced with the choice of where to pursue further education, she decided to study economics at the local university in her hometown of Poltava.

This decision was not easy for her, as studying at the art academy she was accepted into was financially challenging for her family. Nevertheless, Alexandra did not abandon her brushes; she occasionally visited her muse and continued to create paintings.

Some of her works were exhibited in the local Poltava art gallery. After completing university, Alex. K took a break from her artistic pursuits and aimed to build a career in marketing.

During this period, Ukraine faced challenging times, and finding work was difficult. In 2016, Alex moved to Germany and once again picked up her brushes. Influenced by European culture and freedom, she explored the direction of spontaneous realism, with some of her works finding a place in a private collection in the United States.

A few years later, a new passion emerged - Pop Art, followed by Pop Surrealism. To this day, Alex hasn't confined herself to a single style; she is still exploring and evolving. We eagerly await her new creations, as it is always fascinating to observe an artist's development and the path their journey takes.